Shimano Tourney ST-A073 7 Speed Triple Road STI Levers

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Easy operation design triple STI lever - lever bracket hood is made from soft rubber and anatomically shaped to allow easy braking and shifting regardless of hand position
Super SLR brake compatible
Adjustable reach main lever and light-action release lever assure easy gear shifting and braking
Precision shifting courtesy of Shimano indexing system
Large clear optical gear display
3x7-speed drive train compatible
Product Reviews (4)
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Associated Components
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L.H. Return Spring
L.H. Bracket Unit
Clamp Band Unit (ø23.8 mm - ø24.2 mm)
Grip Adjusting Screw (M4 x 11.5)
L.H. Bracket
Lever Axle & Fixing Screw
Product Reviews (4)
Overall Product Rating 4.8 / 5
By Bob Smith
10 Jun 2020
5 / 5
I recommend this product
Proseasier than down tube shifters
I just converted my 1992 Dawes Galaxy from down tube shifters with a set of these levers. Indexing works perfectly. Even came with the cables, though the front inner wasn't quite long enough but I had a spare so no problem. No idea about durability yet.
Bargain price precision
By Celle
21 Oct 2018
5 / 5
I recommend this product
Purchased a few months ago. After seeing numerous 650B 'Gravel Grinders' with eye watering price tags appearing here, there, and everywhere, I used these stis to convert a 26 inch wheeled 93 Stumpjumper hardtail into a more useable bike again. After a clean and some patient set up, they work flawlessly with the original Deore LX front and rear derailleurs.
3 x 7 shifters. shimano tourney.
15 Sep 2018
4 / 5
I recommend this product
ConsSeem a little fragile. Time will tell
ProsEasy to use
Work well. No problems so far.
Better than I expected.
By Roopee
07 Jul 2017
5 / 5
I recommend this product
ConsIndicators go the wrong way!
ProsWork well, easy to fit, look OK.
I bought these to replace the 90s Shimano STI brake-shifters on my 90s custom Dawes Galaxy tourer with Randonneur bars. When I bought the bike, this type of shifter was cutting edge and only found on racing bikes, so the ones I had fitted cost the equivalent of about £200 and were only 14-speed and I couldn't use one of the chainwheels, but I loved them. When I came to replace them I found I could only get this model that would fit my 21-speed system. They are much more cheaply made (eg plastic body instead of metal) and have thumb levers instead of the under-levers on my old ones and current upmarket models, but they were only £60 and there was no other choice without replacing the changers and sprockets, so I went ahead. Despite my reservations I've been very pleased with them so far, and if anything I prefer the thumb levers. The gear indicators aren't much help, especially as they go the wrong way. The hoods are comfortable.
Questions & Answers (27)
Can i use this with an original mtb shimano altus C50 front derailleur (3-speed)?
04 Oct 2021
Or is the cable pull ratio off, want to build a drop bar mtb
Thank you for your enquiry, yes these will be fine

WD 04/10/21
Hi...Will these shifters work with an Alltus FD-M310 front derailleur?
22 Jan 2021
Yes these will work with your Altus front derailleur.

Thanks, 22.01.21
Can I use the Tourney triple road levers ST-AO73 with a late 80s top pull Shimano LX front mech?
07 Dec 2020
Yes as the front shifter cable pull ratio should not be any different to this.

JK 07.12.20
Can I use these with a Shimano FD-TZ510 and Shimano RD-TZ31A?
22 Oct 2020
Can I use these with a Shimano FD-TZ510 (front derailleur) and Shimano RD-TZ31A (rear derailleur) combo? Currently fitted on a 3x7 drive train road bike (Genesis 700c Saber Men's Road Bike).
Hello, yes this will work fine.

JK 27.10.20
Can I use this on a mountain bike frame?
01 Oct 2020
The cable on my trek mountain bike comes from top, can I use this levers with a dual pull derailleur?
Hello, Im afraid we have no of confirming this as we would need your bike here physically to know.
Could these levers be used with Shimano Deore V brakes?
15 Sep 2020
NO, these are only compatible with calliper brakes as the brake pull ratios between these and calliper are very different.
Can I use these with a 3x7 drive train of the following
18 Aug 2020
Can I use these with a Shimano Tourney TY510 front derailleur and a Shimano Altus M310 rear derailleur?
Yes you can, use this with both the TY510 front derailleur and the Altus M310 rear derailleur
Shimano MF-TZ500 Screw On 7 Speed Freewheel - 14-28T/ Shimano Rd-R552 early rear mech
05 Aug 2020
I have a year 2000 Raleigh Pioneer I'm hoping to update from a 6 speed to 7 and change the bars to drops and I'm hoping the freewheel index spacing will match these shifters. Cheers
Yes these will be fine.

Thanks - 07/08/20
Can I use this with a 2 ring front cog set-up?
18 Jul 2020
Shifting is designed for triple front, double will not shift.

Thanks - 20/07/20
Will these work with an Acera X triple 7 speed groupset from the late 90's?
18 Jul 2020
Yes these will be perfect!

Thanks - 22/07/20
Are these compatible with BMW U brakes ?
17 Jul 2020
The cable pull is correct for BMX U brakes (I think you meant BMX not BMW).
Is this product compatible with my 1993 Canpagnolo Centure Groupset Triple 7 speed tourer
15 Mar 2020
Pesently I have shimano brake levers and shimano bar end levers. The campagnolo groupset was supplied by Bob Jackson when they built a hybrid complete cycle for me in 1993
If your current shifter is indexed, then yes these would be suitable.

Thanks - 16/03/20
Will these work with 90’s Mtb Deore lx front and rear mech
09 Jun 2019
As long as they are 7 speed yes!

Thanks - 10/06/19
Can the triple shifter be set up to operate with a double chainring?
07 Sep 2018
Hi, no you need a double specific shifter. Thanks
Are these shifters compatable with shimano acera back and Alivio front derails?
29 Jul 2018
I'm switching the handle bars on y Marin San Rafeal to drops and need a pair of 3 and 7 shifters - could these be the ones?

These would certainly work for you.

What brake type?
28 Jul 2018
The levers can be used only with cantilever brakes or they are compatible with other brake types?
These are designed for road style brake calipers, road disc brakes or center pull cantilevers.

Can I use this system with a down tube and a shifting system Shimano Altus C10 from the 90s ? Thanks
18 Apr 2018
Hi there,

As long as the system is 3x7 these will work fine.

Can I get these to work with a dual brake cable
22 Dec 2017
Thinking of fitting to a tandem, which has front & rear cantelever brakes & a drum brake, so 3 brake cables in total.
Hi there,

You could fit a cable splitter to convert one cable into 2.

Are downtube cable stops included?
18 Nov 2017
If yes, are they steel or alu frame compatible (rounded or flat)? Thank you.

Unfortunately these levers do not come with down tube cable stops so you will need to order a set separately that suit your frame.

Are there cable and cable Housing included in the product
20 Jul 2017
Are there cable and cable Housing included in the product Shimano Tourney ST-A073 7 Speed Triple Road STI Levers?

Regards Mats

Yes there is cable and cable housing included.

Are These Compatible With Mid 90S Front And Rear Shimano Fd-Mc32 & Rd-Mc32 Derailleurs?
05 Jun 2017
If not compatible with my current set up could you recommend suitable derailleurs for a mid 90s cro-mo tubular frame. Thanks.

These levers would be compatible with your rear derailleur but the cable pull would not match for the front. You would need to fine a suitable 7spd road front derailleur instead.

16 Oct 2016
Hi, Is The Shimano Tourney St-A073 7 Speed Triple Road Sti Levers Compatible With A Shimano Nexus 7 Speed Internal Hub And Can I Fix It On A Bullhorn Bar? Thanks

These unfortunately would not be compatible with a Nexus 7spd. Shimano derailleur gears and hub gears use different cable pull ratios so are not interchangeable. You will need to go for a Nexus 7spd specific shifter.

Can You Ship To Denmark? How Much Is The Shipping Cost?
03 Oct 2016
Need shipping cost to Demark. Please also confirm tranait time.

We can ship worldwide, for a shipping quote just add all of the items you are looking at to your basket and the website should calculate the cost for you.

17 Jul 2015
Thanks for your previous reply. I believe they are called "noodles" and you appear to have them available in connection with V brakes. Are these the ones you mean or are there different ones for gear cables?

I'm sorry for my small typo in previous reply, I did mean noodles. We use the V-brake ones but we sometimes have to grind down around 5mm of material when used with STI's otherwise they don't sit flush to the lever.

Do The Cables Allow Space For A Bar Bag?
17 Jul 2015
I would like to fit these to my touring bike but I have a bag on the handle bar. Will there be space for a bar bag between the cables? It looks like the gear cables exit the levers horizontally and route just where the bag would be.

The cables do leave horizontally from these shifters, it depends completely on your set up to whether or not the will interfere with the barbag. It is quite likely it will but not guaranteed. There a few solutions to get around this, you could mount your barbag onto a T-bar to move it out of the way, or alternatively you could fit metal cable "noddles" to turn the cables 90 degrees safely just after they come out of the shifters.

Shimano Tourney Sta073 7 Speed Triple Road Sti Levers
18 Apr 2015
Do you know whether these levers will be compatible as a replacement for a set old 7s shimano RSX levers ?
(Triple chainset and 7 speed cassette).
Thanks v much,

The cable pull used on Shimano 7spd shifters has not changed so these levers should work perfectly fine.

Cable Routing
23 Nov 2014
How do the brake and gear cables exit the lever assembly? Are they concealed beneath the bar tape, emerging close to the stem or otherwise?
Thanks in advance.

The brake cables, run under the bar tape where as the gear cable exit the shifters straight away inwards at 90 degrees to the brake cable.