Note for Supernova Dynamo lighting Systems:
Supernova dynamo lights operate slightly differently to all other dynamo lights on the market, this is because the tail light uses a DC current for power, rather than the Typical AC power most rear dynamo lights use.
Furthermore, Supernova taillights do not have a built in capacitor to hold charge for stand light function- this is because the capacitor is located in the front light. Removing the capacitor from the rear light allows for a very low profile and slender design.
This means,
If you use a Supernova tail light with anything but a Supernova front light, the stand light function wont work.
Furthermore, the lights will flicker, due to the AC power coming out of a NON Supernova front light.
Supernova tail lights are designed to operate using DC power at 6V

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