All SON rear dynamo lights are provided with the connectors need to connect themselves to a front light, in most* cases this involves a 6mm ring terminal and a 2.8mm male spade which plugs into the front headlight.
*Unless you have an upside down version of the Edelux II which uses a 3mm and 6mm ring terminal to connect to a rear light.

Can Son Rear lights be vertically mounted? 

No. The SON Rear Light has very wide but not very high beam angles. When mounted vertically this would be vice versa resulting in poor visibility from diagonal back.

Furthermore mounting in this manner would void is rating as a road legal tail light, simply as the rating procedure was done in the horizontal position.  

How to connect a Rear Light

NEVER connect ANY rear dynamo light directly to the dynamo hub, every dynamo rear light must connect first to a front headlight, as this acts as a voltage regulator. Failure to do this will result in your rear light blowing up!

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JK 16.11.21