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Spade Lubrication:

It is worth noting for all spade-type connectors a tiny dot of grease is recommended to lubricate the spades to prevent damage when removing/ installing connections at the hub. SON says any type of grease is ok, but ideally a non Silicone grease such as technical vaseline is recommended. We also do not recommend the use of white lithium grease in this application. 

Spade Connector:

Mostly found on SON Dynamos- but occasionally found on some older Shimano models with the J2 Type connectors

SON hubs with spade fitting require x2 4.8mm spade connectors- Available here

PiggyBack Connector: 

 SON Piggyback connections allow for additional connections right at the hub, facilitating the connection of USB charging devices in addition to an existing lighting cable. 

View wiring guide for Piggyback connectors here

Piggyback Connectors are Available Here

Coaxial Connectors:

Coaxial connectors are sold by SON as a way to allow for a more convenient way to connect/ disconnect cables from the hub- as well as further up the wiring loom. The coaxial system is ideal for users who are looking for a durable connector but is easier and quicker to use than the standard spade connectors. Furthermore, Coaxial connectors can be used for either connection at the hub or used for connections on other parts of your wiring loom.

For Coaxial connection at the hub, you would need to use the SON Coaxial Adapter which is Available Here

SL Dropout Connection:

Click here for our dedicated page for SON SL Dropout connectors