Klite Switches come in two versions as well as a basic cable.
Dual Use & Single Use,
Dual Use:
Dual Use Switches allow for constant power flow to the USB charger, as such the switch function only controls the effective ‘split’ of the hubs power output between the front light and charging device. This means that the switch controls the front lights on/off function.
Dual use switches are ideal for people doing long distance races or tours who need to ensure devices are charged, an example of this is ultra-racing where you might need to keep a GPS tracked charged at all times as part of the race rules.

Klite Dual use switch for SON hubs (Opens New Tab)  

Klite Dual use switch for SP/ Shimano hubs (Opens New Tab)

Single Use:
Single use switch is the basic version, as it dictates where all of the hubs output is being directed, as such you can either have the headlight on, or the charging device on- but not both at the same time.
This is ideal if your touring, and not racing- as during the day you can charge all your devices with the full amount of energy the hub is providing, and at night have the brightest light.

Klite Single use switch for SON hubs (Opens New Tab)

Klite Single use switch for SP/ Shimano Hubs (Opens New Tab)
Hub to Device:
Hub to device cables are pre made lengths of cable, with an XT30 connector at one end, and either SON spade connectors at the other- or a Shimano style connector cap for use with Shutter Precision or Shimano hubs. These cables only allow you to connect a Klite headlight, or a Klite charging device.